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  Updated Nationwide Series Statistics
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Paul Menard debuts on the PEER rankings with the fourth-best production mark.

  The Joe Shear Show
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Why this rule-skirting winner is the best crew chief in the Truck Series.

  Statistical Preview: New Hampshire
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Brad Keselowski tops the list of favorites in the second Chase race.

  A Reminder That Crashing Trends Are Futile
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We can pretend all we want, but there's no telling how clean the Chase will be.

  Athlon Rookie Report: A Passing Grade
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Analyzing the third quarter passing splits of Cup Series rookies.

  Despite Stat Line, Jeb Burton is Better in 2014
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Burton has made strides in key statistical categories.

  Average Finish Doesn't Do Kwasniewski Justice
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Turner Scott's rookie driver-crew chief combo is better than its average indicates.

  Short-Pitting Effectiveness of Chase Crew Chiefs
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Dave Rogers leads all playoff-bound crew chiefs in green-flag cycle position gains.

  RIP, The Mike Wheeler Era
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The interim crew chief left Denny Hamlin's team worse than how he found it.

  Athlon Rookie Report: Pre-Chicago Rankings
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Exploring the "Yeah, but..." of this year's Cup Series rookie class.

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